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Karl can be found out an about carrying out viewings and property inspections.

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    Long suffering neighbour

    As seen on facebook….

    I’m not a student. I’m just a neighbour to a multioccupancy student let. My gripe isn’t with young people there who haven’t given me any grief 🙂 It is with this letting agency. For years it has demonstrated no interest in neighbour relations or the problems caused by a family of tenants two doors down that they are supposed to manage for the same absentee landlord who has the student let.

    I quite often have to put up with smelly outdoor cooking polluting my indoors….(not great for a vegan)….and excessive unmanaged child noise meaning I can oftentimes not even have my windows open for fresh air. Added to that (since I complained) the male tenant has now taken to videoing me on a smartphone every opportunity even when I’m in my own space or a public area without my permission..

    Thats been reported to the police and they can expect a visit…

    The brick boundary wall between mine and the landlords (his responsibility) is in imminent danger of collapse…. No attempt
    ever made to fix or replace it.

    He has also has let the trees at the rear grow over a council clothes drying area to such a degree that the residents cannot use their own wash lines! This was pointed out to Lincoln Digs….AND the council. Very considerate….not.

    Result…no interest at all from this letting agency. Not even an answer to emails now. Not impressed. Maybe different if I was a student but I’m just someone who has lived on the street for more than 20 years and now has to suffer these issues. So no..from my experience they deserve a bad review and definitely no recommendation from me.

    They are basically just ignorant.

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