How to find a student house in Lincoln

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Choose who you’d like to live with

You’re going to be living with your housemates for the best part of a year so make sure you know each other well and get along. When you’ve signed your contract it is legally binding. It can be very difficult to find a replacement for your contract and you are liable for the rent even if you choose to leave. 

Decide on a budget

Money can be a tricky subject to talk about but it’s important to be mindful of each other varying budgets and discuss this from the start. Having all-inclusive bills can be helpful with budgeting as can a semesterly payment plan. It’s very important to live with your means



Search for houses

Four key point to remember:

  • Reputation: Check out CribAdvisor for independent reviews from students. 

  • Accreditation: Is the letting agent accredited with your University? Is your agent or landlord a member of the Councils trusted landlord scheme?

  • Location: Living a few minutes further out can save you big £££.

  • Accomodation: Does the property have everything you need as a group? What compromises would you consider?

Book some viewings

You’ve narrowed down your search now it’s time to see your favourite houses. It’s best to view altogether as a group and remember to take notes. We’ve created a handy viewing checklist that you can find here and below. Ask questions! A responsible agent will be happy to answer and and all queries. You can also ask to see any safety certificates associated with the house such as the gas safety certificate or the electrical certificate. A safe house should be your top priority!



Time to sign your contract

You’ve found the perfect property now it’s time to do the legal bit. Only when your agreement is signed off by all parties is it legally binding. If you fall out with your friends or drop out of Uni you are still bound by the agreement and are liable for the rent for the contract length. If you need independent advice before you sign you can take your contract to the Student Union who will be happy to assist.


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