Rent Information

When is my rent due?

Rent payments are made in three equal instalments and are due inline with semesterly student loans. It is best to pay your rent as soon as your loan has cleared in your bank account to help with budgeting. Payments should be with us no later than the following dates:

October 4th 2024

January 10th 2025

May 2nd 2025


How much rent do I pay?

Please refer to your tenancy agreements (Section 1.1) for your length of tenancy and price per week. Your semesterly payment is calculated in the following way:

(length of tenancy X price per week) ÷ number of semesters = semesterly payment amount

(51 weeks X £100 per week) ÷ 3 = £1700 to be paid each semester

If you have an alternate payment plan please contact Claire directly with any queries –


How do I pay my rent?

We ask that payments are made as soon as you receive your loan and are transferred to us using the below details:

Payee: Lincoln Digs Ltd
Sort Code: 20-50-21
Bank Account No: 03986098
Payment Reference: your first name and property number/address 

Please note this is not an automatic transfer you will need to do this for each payment.


Having trouble paying your rent?

If you are in financial difficult please do not hesitate to contact the office on 01522 829994 or email Claire We work closely with student service and we can point you in the right direction for assistance.

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