Is my house part of the University Accreditation Scheme?

Yes. All of our properties are accredited by both BG and UoL. We are also member of the Trusted Landlord Scheme ran by  Lincoln City Council. 


How long are your tenancies?

All of our tenancies are 51 weeks long. The start date of the tenancy varies for each property, please get in touch with us for specific information. 


How come you don’t ask for a deposit?

We do not charge a deposit but we instead ask for a guarantor. When a tenancy agreement is executed (dated & Signed by all parties) it then becomes legally binding and the property is secured.


What is a guarantor? 

A guarantor is someone who agrees to pay your rent if you do not. This could be a parent, guardian or close relative who is in employment and should be able to pass a credit check. 


Does my guarantor cover my housemates rent as well?

No. We ask each tenant to provide their own guarantor.


What happens if my housemates don’t pay their rent? Will I have to pay it?

No. You and your guarantor are only responsible for your portion of the rent. This is set out in your tenancy agreement.


Are bills included in my rent?

Yes. We offer and inclusive package with no upper limit on usage. Our package covers water, gas, electricity, one wifi connection (usually with Virgin), a basic TV package as well as a TV Licence for the communal room. Contents insurance is not included but if you have a home outside of term time such as a parent/guardian you may find that you are covered under their insurance. This is worth checking but if you are not many student discount sites work with insurers to provide affordable options so it’s worth shopping around. Your Landlord will have appropriate Landlord building  insurance.


Do I need to pay Council Tax?

As a student you will be exempt from council tax upon submission of your student ID number. If you are to drop out part way through the tenancy and remain in the property, you will then be liable to pay council tax as a non-student.


What is provided in my house?

In all bedrooms we provide a standard or small double bed and mattress, a mattress protector, wardrobe, chest of drawers and a desk with a chair. All bedroom windows will either have blinds or curtains. All of our kitchens have an oven, microwave, washing machine, fridge and freezer. Some of our larger properties will have multiples of appliances in line with regulations. Additionally some properties may have a dishwasher or tumble dryer. For specifics in your property please take a look at the property on our website or contact the team. 


Are the limitations on when you can have heating?

No. You are in control of your own heating, although we can assist in setting this up to come on and off as suits your schedule.


Are pets allowed?

Pets are not allowed as a rule. If you request for a pet to be allowed, we will pass this to the landlord for a decision – which will be final.


Is smoking allowed?

No. Under no circumstances in smoking allowed inside any of our properties. 




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